At Gulni Inc, we create products and solutions, which only very few companies dare to attempt. Our colleagues are innovation power-house in every aspect of their engagement and are focused at common good for human life.

We enjoy freedom in our work and are able to turn our dreams into real products. We are young and full with energy and passion; at the same time remain stable to achieve our customer as well as corporate goals. We strive to foster an intellectually stimulating work place.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider joining us:

  • - We invest in our people
  • - We are proud of our colleagues
  • - We love stars from industry as well as graduates from premier institutions
  • - You are bored with your company and are looking for some challenges
  • - Because you are inspired by our innovations
  • - Because you want to make a difference
  • - Because you are talented and deserve the best
  • - Because we need leaders and you are the one!
  • - Our founders and promoters are entrepreneurs and they love entrepreneurs.
We need partners to craft the new industry.

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We’re dedicated to improve lives.

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We are a technology start-up with clear vision to go public in near future. We foresee a radiant market for our proprietary products and related services. Our services are targeted to common people as well as government, corporations, academia and Not for Profit Organizations.