The goal of our research initiative is to provide a new dimension to academia, industry and research organizations to craft solutions to safeguard interests of next generations and prevent physiological anomalies and improve living.

Physio-spatial Research

Our physio spatial research is focused towards exploiting spatial, temporal and spectral resolutions of physiological & health information available on PUTHA system. We utilize GPS and other industry available positioning system to augment our research.

The scope of physiological, spatial, temporal and spectral research spreads across following scales:

Spectral Temporal Spatial

Microscale seconds 100m

Local climate seconds to hours 10KM

Mesoscale MM:HH:days 100KM

Synoptic scale HH:DD:W:Month 1000KM

Global scale DD:W:Month: Hemisphere

Temperature scale:

  • - Tropical
  • - Dry
  • - Mesothermal
  • - Microthermal
  • - Polar
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