Our inception dates back to foundation of PUTHA technology in the year 1996, in India. The inventors of PUTHA are key people in shaping up our companies business environment. They are also our majority stockholders.

Our Company

WE are a privately held company with clear aspirations to go public in near future. We research, design and produce health sensing, monitoring, prevention and management products.

Our top of the line product is gSense, which is based on patent pending PUTHA technology.

We are shaping our services, around our products, and are determined to craft a new business ecosystem, and positively contribute to stakeholders in our sphere of influence.

As a people’s company, we are proud of what we do, and also about what we want to do. We would like to think that we are a constellation of smart-innovation power houses. We have a flat organization with a collaborative environment and aspire to remain so.

All of our products and services caters to common good for human being . We are dedicated to improve living standard and take freedom of life to next level, for our customers.

We consider that we are THE leader in what we do, and we safeguard our intellectual properties to sustain our unique position.

Our partners are visible leaders in their techno-functional space, regionally, and in some cases globally. We have committed ourselves, to mutual success, and to contribute to improve and sustain human living.

Our Motivation

  • Most of animals have immune systems in place to fight against agents causing anomalies in their body. However, the senses that report impact of anomalies are also reliant on the same immune system, thereby causing delay in communication and comprehension of anomalies. We believe that by reducing the time to detect faults, we will be able to significantly prevent loss to human life and also inhibit degradation in quality-of-life.

Our belief

  • We believe that every human life is crucial to sustain nobility of race and we must attempt to extend length of every life and improve their quality of living.
We need partners to craft the new industry.

Partner with us

We’re dedicated to improve lives.

Join the upheaval

We are a technology start-up with clear vision to go public in near future. We foresee a radiant market for our proprietary products and related services. Our services are targeted to common people as well as government, corporations, academia and Not for Profit Organizations.