You live oceans away from your old-age parents and still wish to keep up your promise of taking care of their well-being then HSM is your saviours!

Health Service Manager

HSM is an online system, which is used to manage personal health information of people. The historical and spatial details on all health indicators managed by PUTHA system about your loved ones are available in HSM. The data can be downloaded to a local computer for further analysis.

Real-time health feeds can be subscribed to monitor health of a person wirelessly from any part of the world. Access to PUTHA database by HSM is subject local and international regulations.

Users also have option of granting access to a doctor of their choice. The access management console provides a robust means for securely sharing health information with friends, family and health care professionals.

Extensions of HSM:
  • - Transfer live feeds about health indicators of your loved ones to your mobile phone
  • - Develop your own application
  • - Track position of a subject in real-time
  • - Track position of a subject in real-time
  • - Remotely generate vibration signals and or audio alert on gSense to wake-up someone in case of emergency
  • - Order doctor advice online
  • - Maintain all your health artefacts online and access from anywhere

Presently, HSM is under development.

Key Components of HSM:

  • - Live health monitoring feeder
  • - Historical health record
  • - Spatial health record
  • - PUTHA data access system
  • - Health data uploader
  • - Access management console
  • - Family health records correlation module
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