Our state of the art products enables us to monitor several indicators, which is used to analyze and forecast health of a person.

Vital Sign Health Sensing & Monitoring

We monitor your vital health signs and help you remain healthy

Vital health signs are crucial indicators of good health and it important that we keep those vital signs with in tolerance limit.

What do we monitor:

A. Biometric details
  1. - Pulse
  2. - Oxygen level in blood (SPO2)
  3. - Body temperature
  4. - Blood pressure
  5. - Respiration

B. Environment around subjects:
  1. - Atmosphere temperature
  2. - Humidity
  3. - CO level
  4. - CO2 level
  5. - Radiation level

    C. Spatial and Temporal details:
  1. - Subject’s location via GPS
  2. - Time stamp for signals

Key Vital Signs

  • - Heart beat pulse
  • - SPO2
  • - Blood Pressure
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