The product is targeted to old age people, infants, patients with chronic ailments, mountaineers, sportsperson and people on move.


gSense is a wearable wireless health sensing device. The device is able to sense heart beat pulse, blood oxygen level and external body temperature of a person.

It is the primary sensing and transmission device, which is used by the health sensing, monitoring, and remediation system of PUTHA.

The gSense is equipped with alert correlation algorithm, which keeps a person at the know to PUTHA remote remediation system. In cases of emergencies, gSense automatically sends stress signals based on health condition of a person to PUTHA remote remediation system. It can also be used to manually call emergency help by activating the stress signal generator on ‘press of a button’.

gSense is presently in the blueprint stage.

Compatible products, services and framewaork

  • - gReceive
  • - PUTHA
  • - Health Service Manager
  • - General Practitioner Control System
  • - Disaster Management Control System
  • - Emergency Response System
  • - Health Sensing and Monitoring
  • - Geo-spatial Health Sensing
  • - Disaster Management
  • - Emergency Management
  • - Health Census
  • - Health Information Management
  • - Spatial Tracking Services
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