The Pre-emptive Ultra Tacit Hybrid Architecture is culmination of over 15 years of innovation, research, conceptualization and design.


gReceive is a portable health sensing receiver used by ambulance workers to monitor health indicators of patients on the fly, while is help on the way. It uses a similar cellular network as gSense. However, it is radically different in design, architecture and hardware interface.

One of the key roadblocks faced in providing timely response to a person in stress is to know the accident location as well as minute by minute health information.

All versions of gReceive is fitted with fully functional emergency response management software and a GPS guidance system, which can help an emergency response worker reach the designated patient with ease and precision, even if subject has moved from the accident spot. This is achieved by utilizing the PUTHA network and directing the GPS signals from gSense to gReceive for subjects under stress call.

The standard build is designed to be hosted on a 32 as well 64 bit Windows, Mac and Linux operating system.

This product is only targeted to emergency response workers, ambulance squad, and specialized users with prior training on PUTHA system.

Compatible products, services and framewaork:

  • - gReceive
  • - PUTHA
  • - Health Service Manager
  • - General Practitioner Control System
  • - Disaster Management Control System
  • - Emergency Response System
  • - Spatial and Temporal Analysis
  • - Health Census

Compatible Network Infrastructure:

  • - Cellular
  • - WiFi
  • - Bluetooth
  • - Broadband
  • - Dial-up
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