You are a General Practitioner and want to know how your customers’ health is, anytime anywhere? What is the general health pattern of your patients?

General Practitioner System

gPS allows General Practitioner to see vital health signals of their patients on PUTHA system with gSense. Practitioner can review the health information online from anywhere and provide necessary recommendation to patients as well hospitals.

In case of any emergencies with your customers, you automatically get an alert on your gPS terminal, which you can configure to see on a mobile screen also. You are never away from your customers and patients. Information collected locally can also be uploaded in gPS for your patients. This way gPS becomes one-window-shop for all your patient information management needs also.

Extensions of gPS:

  • - Transfer live feeds about health indicators to your mobile screen
  • - Customize to suit your extended needs
  • - Track position of a subject in real-time
  • - Remotely generate vibration signals and or audio alert on gSense to wake-up someone in case of emergency
  • - Maintain all health artefacts about your patients online and access from anywhere

Presently, gPS is under development.

Key Components of gPS:

  • - Live health monitoring of all your customers
  • - Historical health record
  • - Spatial health record
  • - PUTHA data access system
  • - Health data uploader
  • - Access management console
  • - Group health records correlation
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