ERS is a suite of health sensing, positioning, remediation and response applications and devices.

Emergency Response System

It is based on PUTHA framework and augmented with network of SoS and Emergency management channels.

Benefits of ERS for Individual:

  1. 1. Join the ERS network and stop worrying about health based emergency responses. ERS utilises PUTHA channels and already knows your health condition wirelessly
  2. 2. Detect faults in your body far early in the stage (in cases of ailments)
  3. 3. One touch response to accidental emergencies
  4. 4. Improve your living standard by freeing yourself from monitoring Vital Signs of your body

Benefits of ERS for Hospitals:

  1. 1. Monitor all you patients over one network wirelessly, even if they are outside the hospital
  2. 2. Reach to your patients before they reach you – Significantly improve quality of service
  3. 3. Free your patients early from hospital, because they don’t need to be in the hospital to monitor Vital Signs

Benefits of ERS for Employers:

  1. 1. Provide your employees a health safety net and become a better employer
  2. 2. For employees working in mines and hazard areas, know about their condition remotely and take preventive actions well in advance

Benefits of ERS for Insurance Companies:

  1. 1. Reduce your claim costs by bringing your customers on ERS, because detecting and responding to emergencies in early stage or even before it becomes fatal reduces medication and hospitalization cost significantly
  2. 2. Use ERS to process your claims and make life easier for your customer and yourself

Components of ERS:

  1. 1. ERS enterprise application
  2. 2. gSense
  3. 3. gReceive
  4. 4. Monitoring and response module
  5. 5. Analysis module
  6. 6. Network of ambulances and emergency channels
  7. 7. Network of hospitals
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