Our disaster management service portfolio us empowered by our proprietary ‘Disaster Management System’.

Disaster Management

We along with our partners work closely with disaster management authorities to contain spread, to administrator remediation, and to implement long-haul plans for prevention.

Contain Spread:

With a wide network of healthcare professionals and our state of the art products, we aspire to be among most capable to help you contain spread disaster and reduce impact.

Administer Remediation:

Our services to remediate during and after of disaster, is empowered by spatial, temporal and spectral analysis.

Disaster Prevention:

Use our fleet of resources ranging from ERS to gSense and keep check on disasters.

Products used for disaster management:

  • - DMS
  • - gSense
  • - ERS

Industry Partners:

  • - Ambulance and SoS service providers
  • - Hospitals
  • - GP associations
  • - Not for Profit Organizations
  • - Pharmaceutical companies
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